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What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is not solely based on food. It encompasses body, mind and spirit as a whole. When symptoms arise it’s our body’s way of telling us there is a deeper imbalance that must be addressed to support our natural ability to heal. Holistic nutritionists will identify your areas of imbalance and work with you step by step to reach your optimal wellness.

How can Spiral Health help you?

Optimal digestion is the key to wellness. Digestion is affected not only by what we eat but when, why and how we eat. Our relationship with food and our habitual tendencies are equally important. Stress levels and exposure to toxins must also be considered.

Hippocrates said “all diseases begin in the gut”. An imbalance in the digestive tract has the potential to progress into any symptom. Improving digestion can help with weight loss; reduce chronic pain and inflammation; reduce allergies; improve cognitive function, memory, moods and behaviors; reduce stress, anxiety and depression; and increase energy to name a few.

Spiral Health will guide you, educate you and provide the tools you need to bring digestive health back to balance through nutritional and lifestyle changes. Jennifer understands that you are unique and require nourishment in alignment with your personal needs.

Each of us has the potential and ability to heal, grow and thrive!

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